Kairos Outside Prison Ministry Canberra/Monaro Region

Kairos Outside for Women Prison Ministry is an Interdenominational Christian organization that supports the families of men, women and juveniles detained in our Correctional Facilities.

It is often said by those in prison “We do the crime, but the family does the time”. Often the families, especially the women, are the forgotten victims of someone else’s crime. This is why Kairos Outside reaches out to the family and friends of inmates, saying “You are not alone.”

Kairos Outside is currently active in 11 regions in Australia and there is a strong commitment to expand that to cover the nation. The team on Kairos Outside provide a safe environment over a weekend where guests are given an opportunity to interact with other families without shame or judgement.

This time allows these families, perhaps for the first time, to explore and experience unconditional love and support. And it helps families meet other families who really understand their situation.


A typical Kairos Outside weekend gives participants the opportunity to make a positive change in their attitudes to their circumstances, lets them know they are not alone and it gives them the opportunity to go forward with support, often when there was no end to the tunnel in sight. The weekend is also a time of fun, music, an abundance of food and the making of new friends!

The Kairos Outside weekend is followed up with ongoing personal/small support groups and regular bi-monthly ‘reunions’.

The live-in weekend for up to 25 guests costs around $15,000 each year to run. A support team of 36 are required to undertake 36 hours of training and would generally pay their own costs for a live-in training weekend and the live-in guest weekend.

What we are finding is that after a ‘Guest Weekend’ many of the guests would like to give back to the program and participate more fully as a team member on a subsequent guest weekend. This is a great way of rebuilding self-esteem and confidence in a supportive community and to support their loved ones when they are released from prison.

Unfortunately many of our previous guests cannot afford to pay their way are time poor, particularly those who are still visiting family members in prison. This means our committee and volunteers, are having to spend more and more time actively participating in fundraising activities which takes away from the main purpose of our organisation which is to train for and run an annual ‘guest weekend’ and provide on-going support via regular reunions, coffee meetings and the provision of one-on-one support

Amount sought:   $5000
Period:   19- 21 July
Expiry:   19 – 21 July

Contact:   Deborah Poulton

Email:  Deborah.poulton@debway.com.au