Charity to Clubs Connect

Every year ClubsACT receives dozens of calls from charities seeking alignment, support or wanting to create awareness for their cause.  Charity to Clubs Connect is an initiative by ClubsACT linking prospective charities to clubs in the ACT.

Becoming involved with community clubs is important to many charities as it is well known that clubs are leaders in community contributions whether that be via in-kind support like supplying function space or direct cash contributions.

Clubs are enthusiastic in their support of their local communities however cannot support every charity that approaches them.  Do your research on the clubs you are looking to engage, understand their ethos and structure but importantly have an understanding of what you can also offer the club.

The following pro forma has been created to assist in your development of a formal, structured offer that clearly establishes what you are seeking in support.  In addition to highlighting benefits for both parties so mutual and desired outcomes are achieved.

What happens from here?

Once you have completed the form it will be submitted to ClubsACT and pending approval* we will create a listing on our website with the information you have provided.  In addition we will send out an e-communication for approved charities alerting members of your offer.   Both of these services are offered at no cost. 

*  Please do not call immediately after you have submitted your form as we will endevour to advise you in a timely manner of your listings approval.  Alternatively we will contact you should we require additional information.

*  Applicants should also consider contacting individual clubs directly.

Application Form: Request Sponsorship