ClubsACT Welcomes Burch’s Club Package

The announcement today that the ACT Government will offer small Canberra clubs up to $15,000 to explore their opportunities for residential redevelopment is very welcome, according the ClubsACT Chief Executive Jeff House.

“This is the first announcement from the ACT Government which actually assists small clubs in particular, to diversify their revenue base and provide them with an opportunity to survive and thrive under what are very challenging circumstances.

“While many larger clubs have already begun to diversify their incomes, many smaller clubs simply don’t have the financial resources to explore the possibilities of developing their land and to secure their financial future without relying on increasingly unpredictable poker machine revenue.

“This announcement is a ‘win-win’ as it addresses both Canberra’s significant shortage of housing as well as allowing clubs to create non-gaming revenue streams. These grants will hopefully tie in to the Government’s Lease Variation Fee waivers and further allow clubs to fast-track residential developments”, Mr House said.

ClubsACT will immediately start working with the Directorate of Economic Development on the detail of the package so that clubs are in a position to apply by the end of July.

“Fundamentally, this is the kind of announcement that ClubsACT has been waiting for. If the Government wants clubs to move away from gaming, then the industry needs help to do that and this grant scheme is a very welcome step in the right direction”.

Louize Gleeson:
Operations Manager
Mobile: 0419 603 795