ClubsACT Presenting Sponsor Snowy Hydro SouthCare Christmas Gala

ClubsACT today announced its support for Snowy Hydro SouthCare by becoming the Presenting Sponsor for the forthcoming 2013 Snowy Hydro SouthCare Christmas Gala on 7 December.

Chief Executive Jeff House said he was delighted with the opportunity to thank and acknowledge the services provided to the Canberra community by the Snowy Hydro SouthCare Helicopter.

The Snowy Hydro SouthCare Rescue Helicopter is an essential service for people in need of medical attention and care in the ACT and south east NSW.   The helicopter and its crews are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year and are often required to operate in very challenging conditions.

“The Snowy Hydro SouthCare service has a direct impact of people’s lives and simply put, it saves them.  The service and it’s amazing crews are worthy of praise and support.

“We also acknowledge that the clubs industry in the ACT is intrinsically tied to the community providing essential support to many.  Our support for Snowy Hydro SouthCare is part of that commitment.

“ClubsACT is very proud its newly founded association with Snowy Hydro SouthCare and very grateful for the work they do in the ACT and surrounding region.”  Mr House concluded.

Ends//13 September 2013
Media Contact:
Jeff House
Chief Executive ClubsACT
0406 376 761