Call for Hospitality Sector to Talk About Red Tape

ClubsACT Chief Executive, Jeff House, today called on the Canberra hospitality sector to think about red tape they want removed.

“As a member of the ACT Government’s Red Tape Reduction Panel, I’m very keen to ensure the hospitality sector’s voice is heard when it comes to reducing red tape.

“I’m very pleased to be representing Canberra’s hospitality sector on this panel and I congratulate the government for this initiative. It’s also encouraging to see some progress is already being made. Issues relating to signage requirements and various government agencies asking business for the same information are just a couple of areas that have already been identified.

“Canberra’s clubs, pubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars all operate under various pieces of regulation and legislation dealing with food, liquor and smoking to name a few. Whilst regulation is generally necessary, it is vital that government and industry work together to cut red tape and allow our businesses to flourish and thrive.

“We also have to make sure that we can reduce red tape where possible but also make sure processes are in place to prevent more red tape from being created.

“Our hospitality sector, along with many other parts of the economy, is going through some fairly tough times recently, with many Canberrans not spending through fear of federal public service cuts. This is the perfect time for government to make things a little easier for business which will pay dividends to the wider ACT economy.

“Reducing red tape is genuinely a win win situation but we won’t make much progress unless business raises concerns in the first place”, Mr House concluded.

If any business has a piece of red tape they want removed, please contact me at or contact the Red Tape Panel through the Economic Development Directorate or the ACT Treasurer’s Office.

Ends//13 September 2013
Media Contact:
Jeff House
Chief Executive ClubsACT
0406 376 761