ClubsACT Board


  • Kim Marshall
  • Max Mercer
  • Paul Berger
  • Anthony Hill
  • Simon Patterson
  • Anthony Ratcliffe
  • Maurice Reilly
  • Dub Kolobaric








ClubsACT Staff

Gwyn Rees – Chief Executive

Gwyn is Chief Executive, providing policy support and leadership for the club industry. Gwyn is enthusiastic, genuine, energetic and a strong leader who can consistently deliver results. With over 14 years experience in management roles he has an intuitive knowledge of the hospitality industry having previously held a senior position with the Australian Hotels Association.

Gwyn has displayed strong integrity in representing the interests of an industry to government and other stakeholders. His core responsibilities and skills have included developing comprehensive policy agendas, creating media strategies and conducting television and radio interviews, lobbying and liaising with politicians, bureaucrats and other stakeholders and giving seminars on industry issues.

Gwyn represents the ClubsACT though a number of forums and includes the Liquor Advisory Board, Multi-Agency Liquor Taskforce +, Food Regulation Working Group and the CBR Service Champions Project.

Annie Brown- Marketing, Membership and Events Manager

Annie is a communications professional, with a breadth of knowledge and experience across the Hospitality, Tourism and Retail industries.

Annie has previously worked across hotels, start-ups and retail operations, specialising in Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media Management and Partnerships.

Annie has an extensive range of contacts and relationships across a diverse range of industries and is an expert communicator, with a proven track record of effective media liaison.


David Burge – Finance Manager